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snout Jul 16, 2004 2:16 PM

Hi fellas (and ladies)

I'm doing my noodleintrying to decide between the Canon S500 and the DSC-W1. Both appear very competant cameras. Both have pros and cons (or perhaps just differences in some cases). As I see it....



*Whopping screen
*Great Movie mode
*Excellent low light ability
*AA batteries
*Manual controls
*fast snap times


*slightly Bulky
*"soft" focus
*memory stick
*noise reduction filter


*Small footprint
*Sturdy construction
*great picture quality
*Good burst mode
*Good software bundle

*Crap movie function
*slight Purple hazing (accoring to others reviews)
*noisey after ISO 200 (accoring to others reviews)
*slower snap speed
*proprietary battery

Both cameras seem to produce great pictures in most circumstances. Both cost around250quid online. So i'm sitting here wondering which I should go for.
This being the Sony forum I suspect I know which way the answers are going to go, but all comments appreciated

Looking closely at some of the sample pictures on steves-digicams, the WS1 seems to apply a high level of noise reduction to every picture. this results in fine detail in grass, hair, sky etc being softened to the point of detail loss. has anyone with the WS1 noticed this on their WS1 and if so, just how much of a problem is it?

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