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ducker Sep 12, 2003 9:35 AM

Jumped in with both feat,over my head now?-repost newbie hlp
Original thread

(for those that don't want background skip to the dashes)

As a wedding gift my fiance and myself purchased a Sony F717 2 weeks ago. In order for her to want to use it she wanted to get good quality pictures, no "digital look" to any of the print outs. (her sister has printed out pictures for her in the past and they look very poor)

I figured the 5mp ability of the F717 would help in getting good quality pictures combined with the fact she wanted a film SLR originally (the Canon 10D would of been nice but out of our price range).

So, we picked up a really nice photo printer Canon S9000, and a bunch of photo paper (13x19 and 8x11).

Today I finally received my 256mb Memory stick pro.

I'm totally computer literate (you might be able to guess this from my spelling mistakes throughout this post), So I understand the idea of memory/space, resolutio, pixels, etc...

What I'm trying to figure out is what would be the optimal setting to use when taking pictures, quality vs number of pictures taken.

The confusion starts by the fact that the manual has 3 types of quality.

One would think that a Normal quality would take more space, but Email takes slightly more per shot.
I understand that TIFF is pretty much the raw data and will give you the best quality, but leaving it at this setting isn't an option for a vacation and only being able to snap 13-14 pictures.

(this is further muddied up by the fact that the compression ratio is further modifyable by setting the camera to FINE or STANDARD modes... I plan on just leaving it in FINE mode)

and it can do the following resolutions

What I'm wondering, is what would be the best setting for a really good 8x11 picture? That would be the setting I would want to leave it on nearly all the time... and then if I wanted to snap a picture of something I would want to go 13x19, bump it up to TIFF compression, or is 2560x1920 in fine quality good enough to do a really nice 13x19?

Day to day use I'm not concerned about it, since I can download the data right away. I'm thinking about going on a vacation, and snapping as many pictures as possible on a 256mb memory stick, while having the ability to tank any picture and print out a really nice 8x11 or even an 13x19.

Sorry for being so long winded


ps. Thanks for taking the time to read this... as it will save me a lot of frustrating and money testing out theories on printing paper :)

Speedie Sep 12, 2003 10:06 PM


You have made some good choices in the camera and printer. I have the Sony F717 and the Canon I9100 (new model of S9000). I get great prints with this setup, even at the 13x19 size.

For the camera, I take the images in 2560x1920 JPG(Normal), Fine mode set. For print quality, I did not see a difference between the JPG and TIFF. Plus, the camera has basicly no down time when saving the jpg images. I can get about 100 on my 256 mb card. For the TIFF, it takes forever to write, and then you only get about 15. At 8x10, you can not tell that the image was from a printer. The 13x19's are just as sharp as the smaller images.

For the printer, I would set the Printer Prefrences to the highest settings possible. Under print quality, click custom, then the SET button. Then, move the slider to Fine (1). This should give you the best image. I would also use Canon Pro paper as your baseline paper. The Canon Photo Paper Plus has been known to give soso results.

Hope this helps

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