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andsoitgoes Jul 27, 2009 9:44 PM

Just bought an H20, Memory Stick questions. Fake/Real? Mark 2 necessary??
I tried doing a bit of searching, but as "Mark 2" and "Pro Duo" are too small, I can't search for them :)

I have in my hands a nice H20 and I want to get some more memory. I have a PSP and had some 2 gig cards laying around which work well for me.

However, I would like the ability to record more than 30 - 40 minutes of video (although really, that's probably more than enough... but still)

Looking at the cards, it makes me realize just how expensive Sony Memory Sticks are, and always have been.

Regardless... I have a few options. I'm looking for 16gb of storage, it seems the most fiscally reasonable.

The first is the dual 8gb MicroSD cards that tie together into one memory stick duo. It's the cheapest, and seems like it would work nicely.

Second, getting a Mark 2 card off of eBay. They can be had for about $45 USD.

Last option is buying a real-deal one from in-store, this is usually pushing about $70 USD.

BIG question is... Mark 2, is it really that much better? Is it noticable?

Also, if one of eBay cards I purchase are fake, is the speed lessened dramatically?

Would the dual MicroSDs slow it down even more than the fake single 16gb cards?

I don't see a lot of real world information on the speed of the Mark 2, and I figure posting here would get me the best results.

Thanks much!!


Fhame Rashid Jul 28, 2009 3:27 AM

I have the Sony HX1 and 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo mark II Card, I cant tell you about the speed as I don't have any card reader. With an empty card Selecting (144ox1080;Fine, 12Mbps) I can record approximately 40 minutes of video or 880 snap shots. With 8GB and 16GB you would probably be able to record 1:20 hours and 2:50 hours of video respectively. As far as I can tell, MS Pro Duo, MS Pro-HG Duo and M2 are the only cards that work with your camera.

Sorry couldn't help you much,
Safety and Peace to you,
Fhame Rashid.

Fhame Rashid Jul 28, 2009 6:58 AM

Okay I did some research and here are the facts;

"The Mark 2 designation indicates the Memory Stick is suitable for use with AVCHD recording products or other faster Memory Stick enabled devices by providing appropriate minimum write performance." - Read/Write speed of storage device fluctuates; it's no use to buy a high end storage device if the fluctuation frequency of read/write speed is high. Mark II certified products will have much greater minimum data transfer rate than others.

"Maximum transfer speed of memory Stick Micro(M2) is 20MiB/s which is same as the Memory Stick Pro Duo, where as Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo has 30MiB/s (8-bit: 60MiB/s).

In my opinion 8GB of storage is enough for photography; your battery would probably run out 3 time before before you run out of storage.

If you have any device (cell phone) that uses M2 card then go for two M2 card. Else stick with 8GB/16GB Mark II certified Memory Stick Pro Duo.

Trust me, you wont regret after buying the latter one.
Hope it helped,
Safety and peace once again,
Fhame Rashid

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