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CandyLadyNJ Jan 30, 2009 9:01 PM

Edit!! I have just exchanged my H10 for a H50 because thanks to someone's help, I realized I was being way too critical of the H50 and becoming a pixel peeper which I do NOT want to become. I am excited about having the H50 again since I haven't had it since last spring of 2008 and will post my impressions (again) sometime in the future. This time I will just enjoy it!

I exchanged the wonderful H10 for the H50 because I need Manual Aperture control which sadly the H10 didn't offer just two f-stops. I look forward to using the H50 and learning much more about to be a photographer again.

I leave the remainder of my intial H10 impressions for anyone who has or is considering the H10 and doesn't need all the bells and whistles the H50 has. Hello! I haven't been on this board since last year. I took up photography right after my twin sister died last April as a way to cope with her death. At the time I had a Sony A200 DSLR.

I stopped taking pictures, sold the cameras to work on some personal issues and yesterday after much research decided to get H10 along with a 4 gb memory stick with a protection plan from Best Buy. This time after taking quite a few pictures, I realized the H10 has wonderful pictures even when I enlarged them past 100%. The pics were very sharp. The flash which I don't like to use a lot on a digicam, I actually enjoyed and could adjust the flash level. It's a lot smaller than I thought but it fits pretty good in my small hands. The 10x Optical zoom works extremely well and brings far items really close. I can even take still pictures in High Definition.

The Video came out great and is very clear. I love the Full screen VGA Fine option. The 3 inch LCD is excellent and coated so I could see it well in sunlight.

I'm still of course getting know the camera. I am very much in the beginning stage and know this camera is not the most advanced but it has enough features like bracketing, excellent burst mode, manual mode etc to keep me happy. It works well in lowlight from my experience so far. It's fast between shots! I had no problems taking one shot after another. The autofocus is quick too and doesn't hunt around like some cams with bigger zooms. Very annoying but the H10 worked like a champ. The picture quality matters the most and I think the image quality is fantastic for my needs. All I need is an extra Sony battery in the future and I will be good to go for some time!

Anyone else love their H10? I see some like it too so that's great. :)

Please check out some pictures I took. I will be uptown soon so I will take pics of other things instead of self portraits. Please remember I'm just a beginner lol

Canadian Feb 1, 2009 10:32 AM

sorry to hear about your loss, photgraphy can be very rewarding, I'm really suprised about your comment on the H50 I have one since last summer and love it, and believe its a much better camera then the H10, as of course it is a step up from the H10, i will hold onto this camera for a few years and then eventually upgrade as they do get better. good photos by the way :)

CandyLadyNJ Feb 1, 2009 11:57 AM

Boy was I wrong! Disregard those statements!! I was too harsh on the H50 last year and have gotten it yesterday! I love it! I was totally WRONG! I eat my words on the H50! lol


Having had the H50, the pics in my opinion were far grainier, had a lot of noise and the artifacts I mentioned in my post. The pics with the H10 were literally so much better and it is a faster camera. That has been mentioned in many reviews of the H10. The H10 does so much better in low light and doesn't hunt on the auto focus like the H50 does. The H10 has a ISO settings LCD preview where you can see as you move from one ISO to the next what the picture will look like BEFORE you take the picture. The H50 and many other cameras don't have this feature. I believe the H10 was released AFTER the H50 but I could be wrong.

The H50 was a fun camera but the picture quality and it's speed etc just isn't what I'm willing to tolerate. The picture quality just isn't as good as my H10.

I am happy you are enjoying your H50 though. The zoom is fun!


Canadian Feb 3, 2009 3:13 PM

Candy welcome back the the H50 world, i just love mine and i'm still learnig, it can take such great photos just as good as some DSLR cameras. :)

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