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Darkshot Feb 14, 2012 9:56 AM

Just got Sony hx100 yesturday. Questions.
Hi I just got the HX100v. I am not familiar with anything besides a very simple point and shoot camera. I was wondering why in auto mode the color red is very saturated. Also orange colors don't look correct but more red. I have put the settings on real colors and lower saturation and it doesn't help that much. Also I took a picture indoors and the white balance was pretty off. I had to manually fix this but even my cell phone camera picks a better color of white in the room so I am wondering why it does this in auto mode? None of the preset white balance modes were accurate so I had to take a picture of white in the room. Also I was wondering how to set the camera to infinity for taking star trails at night and have no stop time on the shutter.

wanaclick Feb 14, 2012 12:05 PM

Now that you already have gotten the camera, most likely it is going to stay with you, unless you have a good return policy and time to return.IMHO for some reason reds seems to be an issue with the sony.Even their TVs have rather exaggerated reds.In auto mode the camera virtually selects everything for you and you have very little control over things.
I wonder if it would be out of place if I suggested to try out the Panasonic FZ150 and not hesitate to get it if you are pleased with its performance

gsrunyan1 Mar 11, 2012 12:13 PM

Sony and Reds
I have been using Sony digitals since the 707. Red saturation has been true forever. I just desaturate the reds in editing. You should also try shooting in the intelligent and superior modes.

As for white balance with flash, there is a setting in white balance for flash. If you shoot indoors without flash, you will need to change the white balance to either tungsten or florescent.


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