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Spud* Jun 30, 2004 8:01 PM

Is it just me or are Sony cameras overpriced compared to others of similar specification. I recently tested the new DSC-P100 and was disappointed with the features. Yes, the pictures were good quality and it is a solid, compact design. HowevertheRRP of £349 seems extortionate when there are far better cameras with a cheaper price tag.

Cybershot455 Jul 1, 2004 6:07 AM


I think it's just you. These days in the UK the RRP isn't important, it's the usual selling price that matters.

The leaders in providing value and good service these days are the better online discount retailers. Taking the example of Cameras2U....

They price the P100 at £265. A Nikon 5200 is £259, a Samsung V50 is £260, a Kodak LS753 is £283, a Canon Ixus 500 £285, A Fuji 710 £290.

If you wanted to go to the latest Canon in that range they price theS60 at £359...almost £100 more than the P100.

No, to me the P100 seems very well priced. Of course it may not fit your needs but price isn't an issue.

At the lower end of the scale they have the 4MP Sony P73 at £193 which undercuts many of the other makers 4MP cameras.


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