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Default Lanc Manager Beta 15 !!



This release is quite close to the final one,
except for bug fixing, optimisation, operational
controls, new commands, tuning stuff....
(Ok it's not so close)

As a reminder for new people, this little DOS software,
can interface a Sony device equipped with a lanc plug
and can send configuration commands to the 16 internal
registry pages.

It's similar to rm95, but with a few extra functions.


In this release there is a macro command interpreter
a big improvement...........

Pressing X key from the main menu makes the program
searching for a file in same directory called lanc.mac
composed by a maximum of 10 macro instructions rows.

A macro is a minicollection of camera instructions.

Once the file is loaded You can execute stream of instructions
defined in each file row.

A typical example is :
I want to enable on my S70 the Color Bar
screen in play mode, for seeing if the lcd monitor is OK..
After that I want to come back restoring original values..

This mean manually you must know and perform:

1) Set to 1 address 1 on Page 0

2) Set to 1 address F1 on Page 5

...........and go back to original state.

Well, you can do it creating 2 macro attached
to a "key press action" and store it in the macro file
with this syntax:

+c)G0001S01G05F1S01"This action will enable the colorbar monitor"*
+d)G0001S01G05F1S00*"Restore original value"*

Each row begin wit + and ends with *

In the example above,
the program starts, reading the macro file and... going in the
macro section screen pressing X ,you will have 2 buttons
(c) & (d) ....ready for executing the macro You defined...

The idea is to create specific macro files for each camera
or camcorder, for enabling\disabling\correct some features...

I will attach a file with example commands for my camera,
like correct the bloody Flash error, BUT I cannot create
macro for any camera model...(S70)

But once one of you or a cousin of one of you will discover
some feature to be enabled, he can create a macro row able
to work with this sw for other owners.


This version is still a beta....

More command to insert in the macros will come...

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