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Default Lanc Manager beta9

on http://space.tin.it/io/carlopra/lanc/

Lanc Manager beta9 test available :

Added a tool for scanning automatically all possible couple of
subcommand-command values starting from desired point.

With key v & b You can setup the subcommand
and with n & m You can setup the command
for the camera . (Shutter, Zoom...etc etc)

Pressing L the sequence specified is executed.
Pressing p all sequences starting from the one specified
are executed in a quite fast way .
Example: you setup 18 and 00 ,pressing P the program
will start to execute against the camera

etc etc (65536 sequences)

I definitely think my s70 cannot accept lanc direct orders like
shutting or zooming like camcorders,but i think V1 and 717
should accept it.....but i cannot test it....
I gues this because there is no sony remote control fr my camera
but there is one for 717 ,V1 and camcorders...

But I simply cannot answer to this question without
some test on other cybershot cameras.

Please V1 and 717 or camcorder owners , start to test pressing p or L from 18-xx or 28,xx.....

Next step implementation of a macro parser for sending a
batch file procedure to the camera......like

goto page 00-00
set value to 1
goto page 0d-1f

doing this We can built minifiles with
sequences for repairing flash errors,
enabling functions, and so on,avoiding mistakes..


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