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Default Lanc Sony Setting Universe Part 1

Lanc Sony Setting Universe Part 1

Some info for brave people thinking
to start a new voyage into
their own camera setting universe ;-))))

Please sorry for my english ,
I'm writing from Italy (North Mountains).

First of all consider to buy the Service Manual
of your camera from Sony or from the link below.
It could be a good idea..

Sony uses a protocol called Lanc, able to control
all their video & camera with a Sony remote control
called RM95.

This device, used by Sony Service connects the camera
via a mini-stereo-jack plug normally jacked into
the flash plug.

This RM95 is not available from Sony, but
there are some people that emulate it via
software, for example using rm95emul & rm95dump
i.e. two dos mode routine able to dump to a file
the 16 registry pages of any Sony device and to
change-read registers settings via pc.

My research was started by a flash error
om my s70 an from the request of 180$ for
changing a byte value from sony services....

I saw (thanks acem77) was possible to
build a parallel-minijack cable with
a couple of dollars ad use the same tools
made by people interested in enabling
the dv-in in the sony videocameras.

What we can do controlling the 16 pages of
registry ? Well first of all a lot of damages...

So the first operation is to take a dump on file
of your camera, please note any camera has different
dump, even if comparing same models.

Think about on some pages of this dump there are the
ccd faul error corrections that are specific for any ccd...

I would like to create a database of these dumps,
foe any Sony Models, so that we can help us each other
on researching useful settings....

Sony use quite a lot of similarities even in
very different models, so the reverse engineering
of settings of one model can help the rev eng of others.

What are the benefits? Well up to now I was able to fix flash
errors E:90:91 at zero cost, enabling two new formats on my S70
and introducing an icon on the menu for controlling the focus
as usually do the focus button.

I can also enabling a bar color pattern, a grey bar pattern
shooting photos via pc, changing the lcd bright, color saturation
etc etc etc..........

An important disclaimer for Mr Sony.
I like your products
My aim is just to enhance my photos,
and my beloved camera capabilities.
nothing else than this.

End Of Part 1

For the interested people please do
not esitate to contact me, but before
to do this, give a look to some links:

(Schema cable)

(Manuals for Sales)

(Dvin-lanc stuff)

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there is a new schematics and service manual website here:
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I got the same problem with a DSC-P51, do you know somenthing about it ?

It dosn't have the LANC, there is some other way to connect it to the computer ?

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