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mrpete Aug 15, 2010 9:25 PM

Lens setup help
Okay, as I am still quite the amateur in DSLR (Sony A200) photography, I'm going to need some help on buying new lenses.
Since I'm hoping to become more professional as the years go on (Hey, I'm only in college), I don't want to regret what I buy later.
Specifically, I've been thinking about getting either the Sigma or Sony 18-200mm (any comparisons on quality, especially vs kit 18-70 lens?). Seeing my uncles 18-200mm Nikkor makes me want to get it (even though my options have much worse quality). But I've heard from a lot of pros that it isn't the way to go.
So what would be a good beginner setup? I guess that would be a basic wide angle (kit lens equivalent, but hopefully much better quality), a zoom lens (I've heard 70-300mm Tamron), and a portrait/macroish lens (50mm f/1.7).
Is there a kit lens equivalent that has a lot better quality? I know there isn't such thing as a free lunch, but the 50mm seems to be great for the price, so I'm looking at some wide angle maybe for $200 (there's that college budget again. How much I spend depends on how good it is, ie I'll spend some more if it's very significantly better.
Just wanting some newbie help. I may up still getting the 18-200, since it would at least be better than my kit or a 10x p&s for now, but if there is some great combo out there at a decent price I'd like to hear about it before I sink a few hundred bucks.

mtclimber Aug 15, 2010 11:21 PM

Mr. Pete-

The traditional initial two lens set-up with a Sony A-200 is the Sony 18-55mm kit lens and the Sony 55-200mm lens, which is a re-badged Tamron lens. You can generally find the Sony 55-200mm on E-Bay for $100 or slight under $100.

If you want longer reach check out the Tamron 70-300 that our collegue, TCav consistently recommends.

Sarah Joyce

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