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kdsj82 Oct 25, 2010 5:52 PM

Long-time Canon user, thinking about SONY

First time posting here.

I've been using point and shoot Canon cameras for about 10 years. My Canon got old, so I thought of upgrading it. Naturally I thought of buying another higher end canon point and shoot cameras, but SONY has the function that I would enjoy very much (panorama and automatic stitch).

Has anyone used both higher end point and shoot canon cameras and SONY WX5 or TX9? If so, could you share your personal opinions about them?

I don't have 3D tv, but I have PS3, which I heard can view 3d photos.

Most of my friends are dear canon fans, and discourage idea of my attempt of trying out a new brand.

shoturtle Oct 25, 2010 6:32 PM

I think 3d photos might be over rates, as you do need a 3d tv to view them, not sure if the ps3 can play 3d photos on a none 3d hdtv.

But the sony's make a good point and shoot. So if you like the ergo, nothing wrong with them. And the IQ are about all the same as they all have little sensors of 1/2.23. So image quality are pretty close, and low light ability is only upto 800iso.

zygote Nov 8, 2010 3:22 PM

I have the TX7 which was the predecessor to the TX9 and all in all it's a reasonably good camera. Not outstanding though which is a shame considering the price. I bought it as I did not want to carry my DSLR around everywhere.

Image quality is my biggest gripe as the TX7 produces consistently soft images and often shows mild fringing on edges. I'm just back from two weeks abroad visiting my Dad and compared photos taken on the same day with his Panasonic. The Panny produced much sharper pictures with better contrast than the Sony.

I do like the panorama, hand-held twilight and HDR modes of the Sony, HD video quality is excellent and of course the size.

If I'd taken a bit more time with my purchasing decision I can't be sure that I'd have bought it had I researched the image quality a bit more, but there was very little on the market that had the features above that I like and the pocketability.

Note that I have seen some really excellent pictures from the TX7 but I just can't seem to get the same out of it.

As far as 3D is concerned, you definitely need a 3D TV to view them and I suspect the PS3 will only do 3D on a Sony TV, but don't quote me on that!

frank-in-toronto Nov 8, 2010 4:15 PM

Panorama is a fun feature but I wouldn't use it as a camera selection item. you can make your own panos easy as pie by taking overlapping pictures as you turn. handheld. works fine. just load them all into autostitch and it'll shoot out a pretty good panorama.

the part i really dislike about canon is that it's not mass storage.

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