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snowflake12 Mar 16, 2007 10:36 AM

I purchased a Fuji E550 about 2 years ago. It gave me a zoom error christmas eve. Sent it to fuji, they sent it back apparently fixed the end of february. Zoom error came up again last night.

I have a sony handycam I really like. So I'm thinking of going with Sony for my digicam.

I'm looking for...

Decent if not better Flash Recovery time (3 year old son, and another on the way)

5 Mp at least

Somewhat sturdy (kids again)

I have about a $200 budget.

I'm really turned off with the Fuji's at this point, so definately looking for Sony right now. When I first did my research 2 years ago, it was between the Fuji E550 and sony W5. The Fuji won out, but wondering if something similar to the sony W5 would be a good choice.



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