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locoduck Feb 5, 2011 10:47 AM

Lowering Megapixels
I've been lurking here for some time doing a lot of research on my next camera (compact super-zoom). My current compact is a Sony DSC-W170 which takes outstanding photos if I do my part. So I've been very encouraged with what I've seen from the HX5V/B both here and on users web sites such as Frank Brault (awesome photos Frank, you have a wonderful eye. I'm envious!). So now with the HX7V and HX9V on the spring horizon the dilemma widens. Do I get the HX5V/B or wait for the 7V or 9V at 16mp each? I'm worried that the mp increase will be a detriment to IQ, but the added features are desirable. However, is it not possible to lower the resolution to say 10mp and get roughly the same IQ as we are seeing from the HX5V/B? I'll admit to some ignorance here and will graciously accept a technical explanation if my assumptions are in error.

Thank you,
l'duck <><

Ozzie_Traveller Feb 5, 2011 2:36 PM

G'day locoduck

Just about all the current Sony offerings are 16mpx, so they appear to have settled upon that sensor & processor combo for a [presumably good] reason

However, the down side with all micro-sensors is "as mpx goes up, so does noise"

If you do not need all 16mpx and decide, for example to shoot your pix at 8mpx as the only prints you make are from 4x6" to 8x12", that's a quite reasonable decision -but- the noise within the sensor will still be there

[and in the above example, it simply means that you're only using the centre 50% of the available pixels on the sensor, giving smaller file sizes and slightly faster saving times per image]

You need to decide how important to you are the 'new features'

Regards, Phil

locoduck Feb 5, 2011 4:38 PM

OT, Thanks for the response. I suspected that would be the case regarding using 10 MP resolution on the 16 MP camera. I guess I can only hope that the HX7V and HX9V reviews will show a lower noise increase with the Exmor R sensor than we all expect. From what little I've read so far it appears Sony has implemented some type of noise controls in the new models but it remains to be seen if they offer any improvement. The features that intrigue me the most with the HX9V are the increase image resolution for sweep panorama, the pop up flash, the 921K resolution LCD and the background defocus. I'll just have to take a wait-n-see approach until the first big reviews come in.

Again, thanks for the response.

l'duck <><

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