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dennispqa Nov 5, 2003 8:51 PM

memory stick format error
dear friends,
Would you kindly help me out please. I have taken a full 64mb memory stick MG sony worth of pictures. All the pictures were fine and i could view then in my camera. Then I decided to erase a few to a make room for a few more shots. I found out later that i could not read it anymore from my card reader. When i put the memory card back in the camera, it says format error with a flashing
c 13:01 . Could not read any more pictures in the camera. But in the computer folder, a list of picture number, type, size, date modified are there, but i could not read the picture, except one, which has an date picure taken and dimensions.

I wonder how i could retrieve these pictures. I have not deleted the memory stick or reformatted it yet. I think by going back and stuffing around with the deletion to take more picture , I have stuffed up the timeline and thus it could not be displayed. Please help!!Thank you very much
Dennis :cry: ps my camera is p9

sir_snaps-a-lot Nov 10, 2003 1:41 AM

Try This
I think the manual lists all the error messages and what to do in those situations. Also, maybe this thread will help you retrive the images on the card.

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