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Default Which mid range Sony takes the best close up pictures?

I had a DSC-P30 and it took great close ups of jewelry, but it broke and the DSC-P51 doesn't seem to have a macro. Should I buy an old P30 again on ebay or is there a better choice, without spending $500? :?
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i got the p51 its has auto marco or what ever, so it means u can take nice sharp pictures 10cm (idontknow in inches) from the subject and get good/sharp quality pictures.
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I got a Sony DSC P-50 about a year ago, and found that this otherwise dodgy camera takes spectacular close ups. One of the first picutres I took was an adaptor plug that enables you to plug a three prong plug into a two prong outlet. I got a clear picture that fills the entire screen. I think this comes out just slightly better than the 1 to 1 ratio (in 35mm terms) that the film cameras used to get juged by.

I find that the auto focus isn't always accurate on this camera, so it is best to take at least two pictures of a subject to make sure you have a good one. (maybe I am just not used to auto focus) After a year of owning this camera (over 2,000 pics), I get a 80-90% success rate on close ups, and a 40-50% success rate on longer wide angle shots. Telephoto shots fall somewhere in between the other two catagories.

I also got the Tiffen .56 wide angle and 2x telephoto adapters. The wide angle works about the same as the regular lense. The telephoto tends to take pictures with a very sharp middle zone and the edges fuzzy. Nice effect, but don't use the law of thirds with this lense. Acutally, the on camera lense tends to do that as well, but not as much.

If you get the camera, buy at least a 64mb memory stick (I get 72 pics or 11+ minutes of movie off this stick. You only get 3 pictures with the included 4mb stick), and go to Radio Shack an the the battery charger with 4 N-Mh batterys.
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