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shui Sep 12, 2003 3:10 PM

my F707 intermittently not working...
My F707 is 15 months old. It recently developed this problem. Pressed "shot", and it shut itself off.

I tested the battery, not likely the problem. I tested using power supply. Problem exists.

Tested the Memory Stick, I can format a MS using the camera.
It is almost like 40% of time ok, 60% not.

I hate to say... but some scenario, if I replayed a saved video (to kind of warm it up), then when I tried to take photos, it works back fine. But if I just power-ed it on, and then tried a snapshot quick, it fails to operate. The infraRed manual target (half way pressed the shot button) also works and not working intermittently...

I 'd like to hear from Experts on Sony Digicam...

David G.R. Sep 14, 2003 3:19 PM

I think its very important to post things like this.
I am not a sony dicam expert, but applying cs logic, Check if electricity interference is causing it.

In F717 they give an all metal pieces that go on the cables transferring currents to lower interference. Do your cables have an oval shaped metal piece on them?

All the best,
-David Goldovt Ryzhenkov

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