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Hello All,

Here is my ‘Sony H9 Real Life User's Report' - INTRODUCTION:

Received my H9 today. Battery full charge time: 3 hours.


1) Out of box impression: Appearance, Build: Very light in weight. I was not sure a camera was in the shipping box. Camera is a well machined tool. It is small but I feel more feel confident with it as I use it.

Would others think ‘Quality Camera' when I point it at them (as I have been told numerous times about my R-1) ? ( A very important issue for me ). Good news: Yes, with the 74mm UV filter, a big lens to point.

OBJECTIVE ( to the extent possible for me as a people photographer ):

My review will attempt to objectively evaluate the following photographic facets of the H9's performance characteristics in a ‘Real Life User' setting:

A) ISO Performance, Printability and ‘View-ability'

B) Shutter Lag / Write / ‘Next Shot Ready' Effectiveness.

Determine in what manner the H9 enables me or prohibits me to capture Real Life images under different conditions with different subjects.

C) Is what you see what you get? Lens concerns: Sharpness, Color, PF, Zoom, Distortion.

D) Auto Focus with varying levels of lighting. Spot Focusing, Moving Subjects.

E) Auto / Manual Exposure, effectiveness, speed, spot, etc.

F) Camera Feedback Speeds. Can you review ‘on the go' to fine tune your exposure, without slowing ( too much ) your ability to capture the next moment?

G) Is Dynamic Range broader as advertised?

H) Flash, - Built-in & my External Off Camera Flash Set up

I) Face Detection. Does it work. Does it work with People of Color ( This means everybody ).

J) Wild Life in all its wonderful varying conditions. The Tele Lens Test as well.

K) I am a confirmed Panorama Photographer and will see just what the H9 can do for me.

L) Miscellaneous Issues as they are encountered.

I will not be comparing the H9 to other cameras.I willnot be selling or pushing anything.

My intent is only to provide my fellow photographers with some Real Life User information on the H9. Hopefully you will find this information interesting and of some value to your photography.


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Nick, I remember you had a few Point & Shoots.

That could be useful to compare your new H9 to those.

Thanks for all these posts on your new H9.

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I started digital in 2001, as a DSLR guy, D30, D60, then F828 and R-1.

I want to provide my fellow photographers and newbies with a review that provides them with a report on ACTUAL USE, not Optimal, as most reviews are.

I like the 'Formal Reviews' on the web. Here at Steve's we get the Top Quality review. Very important information on a new camera.

But I always felt 'Well, that's good, but how will it work when I buy it and get it home?

Answering this question is the purpose of my "Real Life User's Review' on the H9.

Everyone's feedback will be most helpful to me.


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