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nickphoto123 May 1, 2007 9:00 AM

Hello All,

The wind was a constant 20 mph on my back along the shore. Nothing was standing still. A good test for Steady Shot on Contuinuous setting.

All images were HANDHELD, yes, Handheld.

The Zoom is fantastic. Very fast and smooth. You can zoom and compose at the same time. Zoom is easier than on a DSLR, IMHO, as all you have to do is push the zoom button with your thumb on your shutter hand. Try turning a ring on a DSLR lens that way. ( ha! ).

Some shot with Tele Converter. Increased in-camera sharpness setting.

This sport takes alot of strength.

Only PP was Auto Levels, Focus Magic at 1 or 2, Crop to 4x6 at 300 dpi and then saved as Jpeg High Quality in PS Elements 4 Mulitple (batch )processing.

Only 3 images were out of focus and at times the surfer was almost not visible to the naked eye.

I had the camera in a Quart Size zipper bag to protect it from the blowing sand. It amazed me that a camera with such a reach could fit in this type of plastic bag.

Unlike some of the fish caught around here, My H9 is asserting itself to be a keeper.

Here is the link:

Your comments are very welcome.


Cyberf828 May 1, 2007 11:29 AM

Nick the photos look great with all your posts you are going to make me call into work sick so I can go out and take some pics with my new camera, Only pics I was able to take was in the parking lot at work. Keep the tests and reviews coming.

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