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Old Apr 21, 2003, 9:55 PM   #1
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Default My horrible experiece with F717

I've been a big Sony fan till yesterday when I was using my three-week new F717 shooting the images. After taking about 20 pictures (at NY auto show with my families), the LCD began to blur with thin red lines across the screen, after a few minutes the whole LCD turned black. I swiched to EFV but still black. I took several pictures and of course the pictures were black ( but I am still able to review the previous normal pictures in the camera). After replacing the battery and ms, I have to accept the truth that it's totally out of order. I called Sony and the techincian had no idea what's wrong but to let me send bakc the product to the repair center (and i have to pay the shipping fee). Plus, I bought the camera in BestBuy and didn't buy the $99 additional guarantee. Therefore once the two-week grace period expired, BestBuy is no longer liable and I have to deal with Sony by myself. (who would put some doubt on a $900 camera within weeks of service?)
I am very upset and I will never buy any Sony products any more!
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Old Apr 25, 2003, 4:06 PM   #2
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No manufacturer can produce a 100% defect free product supply. Their will be some defective units; that is life. Maybe if you speak directly to a Best Buy manager at the store where you bought your camera, you can convince them to exchange the unit. If denied, simply let them know that you will not do any more business with them. IME, managers usually are willing to help out in these cases. However if you talk to a customer service personnel or assistant manager, you can safely bet you will not get anything resolved.

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Old Apr 25, 2003, 6:01 PM   #3
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I would never buy something like that from Best Buy. I've heard lots of horror stories about denied returns. I am planning to get an F717, and your experience with a defective one isn't going to dissuade me from that. I plan to buy from Fry's Electronics, which has a great return policy. They'll take anything back. But then they put it back on the shelf and sell it again, so never buy anything there if it has a return sticker!
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Old Apr 28, 2003, 10:00 PM   #4
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I have horror stories dealing with Sony's customer service, I had to let them know after months of them trying to rip me off that I had hired a lawyer. All of a sudden the replacement that had been promised 3 months earlier was on my doorstep within 5 days. It was for a playstation2, but that 3 month long customer service experience turned me off of Sony products (Kept me from the P72 camera). I know that any electrical product could have a defect regardless of the manufacturer, but I was treated so poorly that I could not bring myself to consider the camera.
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Old Apr 29, 2003, 2:22 AM   #5
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Default Sony Service

I wish to redress the balance of these adverse comments about Sony service.
I am in Northern England. When I bought my 717 from Jessops in Middlesbrough it had the focussing fault. Sony collected it by courier and returned it repaired to me within about 10 days. It was serviced at the Heathrow depot. On the telephone Sony were very helpful even though this was to be only the second 717 with the fault that they had dealt with. I have only praise for their service.

By contrast, my dealings in the past with Olympus have been most unsatifactory, each call being taken by a different person who would deny or contradict the advice of the previous person contacted.

I hope this presents a more balanced view.
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Old May 9, 2003, 12:21 AM   #6
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I have the DSC-F707. It works great for me

Very clear sharp vibrant images. Love the Carl Zeiss lens, it is just sooo bright.

I have played with the F717, and it is just an F707 with alot of refinement. The feel is nearly identical, except for the zoom control buttons, and the ability to use the focus ring as a zoom ring. Other than that F717 has faster start up time, improved multi focus method, faster auto focus, and USB 2.0.

What they fogot to put in, was Memory Stick Pro, so it is limited to 128Mb sticks

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Old May 9, 2003, 9:24 PM   #7
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I have a Sony 717 and it works great, Pictures in my opinion are just as good as some ive seen taken by the pro's.

I still have alot to learn about the camera, like night shots and some of the manual settings etc. I am not a pro and this is my first digital camera I think that alot of people out there have not taken the time to learn what all the camera can do, thats why some have a problems adjusting to it.

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Old Jul 2, 2003, 4:32 PM   #8
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Sorry to hear about your poor experience with Sony Customer Service. I used a local facility here in Pittsburgh to replace the LCD on my DSC-P1 after I shut it in the car door. Service was prompt and not as expensive as I would have thought.

As for the ruggedness of Sony cameras... I have no complaints. I have used my D770 for about 3 years with absolutely no problems.
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Old Jul 3, 2003, 11:32 PM   #9
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I have been using F707 for about six months. It's been great.
I love my photos and sooo easy to use. don't swaye by one
bad apple. y
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Old Jul 4, 2003, 8:53 AM   #10
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Sony has had great service. I just had one problem. I went to fix a minor scratch on my dsc p9 (i have their premium warranty in which they will fix anything, even if its my fault), they were willing to fix it, but informed be it would take 3 months because there was a backlog. I was furious, so just walked away with a scrath on the shutter. .
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