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nickphoto123 May 1, 2007 10:08 PM

Hello All,

This guy was busy eating and then he decided to sit near thecow's pasture ( Daisy the Cow's pasture. She is the oldest cow in New York )

While trying to photograph this peacock from ground level I developed an easy way to do so. I will elaborate in a separate thread on Shooting Tips and Camera Handling for the H9.

My wife and I were amazed at the beauty of this bird.

It walked around and tolerated me like a house pet.

With my new camera handling method, made possible and effective by the H9 Tilt Screen, Fast Response time, and trigger hair shutter, I was abe to improve my compositions as the shoot progressed. Notice my vantage point from shot to shot, a big improvment form start to finish, IMHO.

After this shoot I decided to call my H9 the'Wonder Camera'.

PP Auto levels, Shadow/Highlight if needed. In Photoshop Elements 4. Cloned out debris on ground as farms have many distracting things on the ground. Color straightout of the camera, default setting. Focus magic set to 1 on most images. Re-sized to jpeg 4x6 300 dpi, saved as Jpeglevel Highwith Multiple Image processing (batch).

Look forward to your comments.

Here is the link:


jprodrigues May 1, 2007 10:28 PM


Amazing colors and definition, Nick. The n.ยบ 6 is wonderful.

- Did you adjust color/levels or focus in P.E. or Focus Magic ?

- They are taken with 8.1 MP (full) ?

Time to sleep (europe here :G)

nickphoto123 May 1, 2007 10:37 PM

Hi JPRodrigues,

Yes, I did some PP. I added the details by editing the above post so others would read it as part of the original post.

The color is really accurate, this is how the bird appeared to us.

Goodnight to you and Europe,


P.S. Yes, 8 MP.

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