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nickphoto123 May 8, 2007 8:46 AM

Hello All,

A new day in macro photgraphy has arrived thanks to my H9.

Sling Shot Macro Shooting is here. ( see my Handling thread for details ).

No Tripod, No holding the camera body. A free moving camera able to move up down, side to side, and down to the ground, without me barely bending my 'robust' belly, or getting grass stains on my knees. The Flip Screen is a major player in this new style of shooting, and the remote as well.

Thisis the first time I was able to shoot focused macros with no tripod and without holding my camera.
I held my H9 by the neck strap, had Steady Shot on, Macro setting. The Remote lets you Zoom and Shoot.
Photos taken over an 11 minute period, shown in consecutive shooting sequence, #877 to #888.

No PP at all, direct from camera, original size, except Auto Levels with Photoshop Elements 4, saved as max quality Jpegs.

Full size for your viewing. ( sorry, no download due to bandwidth concerns).

Here is the link:

I welcome your comments very much.


steveasub May 8, 2007 2:38 PM

Hi Nick,

yet more amazing shots - particularly because they're all handheld, and you didn't even need to bend over!

My credit card is calling me from the drawer... I don't think I'll be able to resist buyingthis camera for much longer.

So come on Nick - there MUST be something that you really DON'T like about the H9. perhaps the movie mode?

Or the ergonomics of the control system with that dial/home button?

Kind regards,


nickphoto123 May 8, 2007 7:59 PM

Hi Steve,

What I don't like about my H9, preliminary report:

1) EVF is small ( but usable ).

2) EVF/LCD Blackout time after a shot could be shorter.

3) The set button in the middle of the dial should be a separate button almost anywhere on the camera. It would help people with larger fingers (me).

4) I tried manual focus twice and need to learn how to use it before I complain about it but it doesn't look good.

5) The A/V cord and HD Cord plug into the camera requires you to squeeze both sides to install/remove it. My old Canon D30 had this and I broke it on the first attempt to use it.

6) Would like to setEVF or LCD at camera turn-on.

7) Strap could use a lens cap holder pin/clip.

That's it for now.

P.S. The movie mode is fantastc. Seven movies. all in focus with no hunting visible.

Now back to this thread.

IMHO, the H9 is a brilliant innovation which has, for one thing, changedmacro shooting, especially using my Sling Shot Shooting method with the remote.


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