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pete h Jul 21, 2002 2:19 PM

Need advice on Sony DCR-TRV27 MiniDV
Looking for my 1st miniDV. TRV27 looks best after comparing features and prices. I'm going to use it on a trip to Europe filming outside shots mainly. I would also like to try my hand at some ametuer film making.

Here are my Qs, hope you can help . . .

What is still photo function OK as camera substitute, i.e., still picture quality?

What accessories do I need? I'm thinking Sony miniDV soft carrying case and Sony tripod.

Where should I buy? I'm thinking on-line through Digital Liquidators.

Price is $700. Is this a good miniDV for the price or is there something better recommended?

What's out there on the horizon in terms of features that the TRV27 doesn't have?

Will I be happy with this camera for the next 2 years?

If anyone else has this model can you comment your your experiences.



Traz Jul 25, 2002 4:02 PM

I just bought a TRV27 last night. You got a deal if it was only $700, I payed $900 & that was $100 off.
The still camera that is built in a a mega piel rating of about 1-1.5. If you want it for emails or storing in your computer thatis good. If you plan on printing them out the pics will have to be smaller. Don't expect 8 x 10's.
Accessories... I would consider a spare battery & extra memory stick. The one that comes with it is only an 8MB. If you register the camera online they are offering $20 toward an online purcahse of Sony accessories. They have a nice starter kit with a battery & case.
On the horizon you will see more record to DVD disk. Hitachi makes one for about a $1000. I decided not to go with that because the record time is only 30 min & the discs are expensive. I bought 4 DV tapes at a Sam's Club for $17. They record 60 min. or 90 with the slower setting.
I just got the camera & am amazed at the features. Even in the dark it sees better than my own eyes.
The only thing I don't like is the bottom load tape. If I needed to change tapes & I was recording from a tripod, I would have to take it off the tripod.

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