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Default Need Help with Mavica 350

Okay I tried out my new mavica and filled the disc which was a cdr CD Recordable disk 156 MB. I could easily delete images while I was taking the pictures and even loaded some on my computer and deleted the ones I had on it. Now that I have filled the disk, I could remove the pictures to my PC but now I can not erase the disk because of an error message saying there is no disc space left and from reading the manual I find there is not enough memory to do this task. Does anyone know how I can restore this disc so I can use it again. I tried finalizing it and that didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. And when taking shots for say ebay what should it be on clips or multiburst? What is multiburst actually the manual is not helping identifying the three picture taking modes. Jody :roll:
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If you are using a cdr and not a cdrw, you can erase a file but the space it occupied is gone. If you want to use cdr over and over you have to use the rewrite types which are much more expensive.

Also, don't finalize your disk unless you are done with it. I uses space that is not retrievable.

Hope this helps, I have a CD400, went through the same things.

Good luck!

Randy O
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Thanks much. So I guess if it was a cdr then chuck it I did finalize it. I heard some where else about a program that fixes the discs so you can use them again. Is this possible or should I just trash it and chalk it up to experience. Thanks again so much for taking your time to answer my question. I wish these manuals that came with it that I read cover to cover would explain this to people instead of expecting everyone to fend for themselves in knowledge!!! How much space would it take to explain the two discs that come with your camera hum.....a paragraph?
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I have the mavica 250, and all I use are the cdrw discs. No, I don't use them for long term storage, but I do tend to reuse a disc a few times before I swap it for a differant one.

I do remember that in the manual that came with my cam that it _did_ state that you could delete pics from a cdr, and that you _would not_ get back the space that the pic took up. I tend to _not_ delete pics from the cd while in the cam, and wait till I see the pic on my monitor....... unless I can see its a really messed up on the lcd.
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