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R. Blink Mar 16, 2003 9:49 PM

New Sony Dsc P32, P52, P72, P92 Lens Help!
:?: :arrow: :arrow: I'm comparing these new cameras and am wondering about their wide angle capabilities, as I mostly take pics of theatre stage sets and would like to be able to fit the whole width of the stage in the image without being too far away. (I'm not concerned as much with macro shots.) The wide angle for the P32 is 33mm(fixed), the P52 is 41mm, the P72 is 39mm, and the P92 is 38mm. Is there really a big difference visually from 33mm to 41mm? Anyone know where I can see pics taken of the same scene in the same conditions at different focal lengths to compare? Am I even making sense? Do I even need to worry about this? Thanks for your help!

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