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kitykity Oct 11, 2005 3:27 PM

Hi there!

The Sony M2 is supposed to be released in Europe later this month... but I haven't found anything about its US release date yet. Here are some web pages I have found with info on it:,00.htm

I own an M1, which I love very much. It takes great movies! Here are some differences I've noticed:

- Internal memory--stores about the last thousand pictures in VGA (little) size to be viewed on your M2 screen--discards the oldest ones when you have over a thousand in its memory. You can protect pictures you want to keep.

- You can also put mp3s (like one or two) into that internal memory, to listen to while you watch a slideshow on your camera. Neat stuff!

- Sleek new body design--looks like the pesky camera-strap-hole is not at the top of the camera anymore (that was forever in the way)...

- Memory stick is hidden in the base now with the battery, instead of on the outside... also looks like the swinging door for the battery might be better than that rubbery thing on the M1?

If you have one of these cameras, or have heard more things about it, please let us know! I'm dying to see one! :-)


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