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Hello All, i just purchased a new sony dsc-h2 and i have to say this is one hellova camera. has so many great reviews and i an very anxious to take great pictures. i have read lots of peple state, that it is best to take pictures on the "M"manual setting for good pictures. But(here comes my question) is it normal for the camera to take close to 10sec. to capture and process a shot?
any advice to this newbie would be greatly appreciated.
i would also like to know witch add-on lens would give me outstanding shots.

Again, thanks any replys would be greatly appreciated:?
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Even in poor focusing conditions at full telephoto, you should have focus in <1sec and then the minor lag for the shutter and the photo is taken.

Have you checked you were not waiting for the flash to cycle , that can take over 8secs if used at full power, and also check the shutter speed, it can be manually set up to 30secs.

What conditions where you shooting in to cause such a long shot ?

I believe in dark conditions, high iso , long shutter times, the camera has to take a 2nd shot with the shutter closed to find any "hot" or stuck pixels and uses that to process the first shot , which obviously leads to a longer processing time.

Check the whitepaper for tips and settings and details of tcons/wcons and closeup filters.


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Thanks a bunch buddy. i noticed that when the Numbers are in Pharenthasis it's somewhat a negative # causing the shutter to take a longer time to capture and process. cool, but for what reason would you want to take soo long to capture a photo?
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If the shutter speed is shown as a number and a " , eg 6", that indicates whole seconds, while the number on its own eg 6 would be 1/6 sec.

When the shutter speed drops too low the noise reduction turns on and you see NR beside the shutter speed indicator. See page 24 of the manual.

The noise reduction feature has to compensate for errors (noise) in the image made as the sensor heats up due to the long exposure, thus takes a photo with the shutter closed (at the sameshutter speed as the actual shot) and plots the errors produced in what should be a blank image then works out where the errors and noise would be in the photo and tries to remove them.

This all takes time.

Why would you want to have a long shutter speed ?

Well you don't have a very fast lens or much ISO speed to play around with , and if you don't or can't use flash , you need a long shutter speed.

Plus you can get cool shots, eg waterfalls taken at slow speeds for that foamy look, night shots taken at longer speeds to show the trails of car lights etc
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thanks man,i see what you mean. but it all comes down to what you said" it all takes time"

an di guess that i have no other option but to play around with it and practice untill i master this

thanks again

any other advice is very much appreciated
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