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When I got this camera it did not come with software, where do I get software that will see my camera when I hook it up with USB cable to my Win XP machine, and I would like to use my Linux machine too. Any help would be great.
Thank You

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Are you sure about that model number (DSC-260)? I can't find a mention of a Sony model like that anywhere.

Do you mean the DSC-S60?

Most modern cameras with USB Ports are "USB Mass Storage Compliant" (although there are some exceptions).

See if it shows up under "My Computer' as a removable disk drive when running Windows. If so, you can click on the folders you'll find a drill down to the one containing your images. With some camera models, you'll have to switch the mode dial to a transfer position.

The same thing should apply with most modern Linux distros. It will probably be detected as a removal disk drive (look under "Storage Media" if using something like Konquerer as your file manager). Most media will be one one of two places when browsing folders in a typical Linux distro:




You may have to edit /etc/fstab to get it mounted in some cases. GPhoto libraries included in many linux distros can talk to many older cameras that are not USB Mass Storage Compliant. Image database type software often makes use of it, too. For example, if you have digiKam loaded, you add camera models it looks for by using the "Camera>Add Camera" menu choice and copy photos.

Which Linux distribution (name/version) are you running now?

A card reader is usually a better way to go for either Operating System. You'll get much faster transfer times compared to trying to use a USB Port on a camera anyway. Just make sure to get one that supports the type of memory cards your camera uses. Many now support Memory Stick Pro and newer Pro Duo cards (some older card readers only work with the original memory stick cards)

These are very inexpensive anymore. For example, here are some at newegg.com:

USB 2.0 Card Readers with Sony Memory Stick support at newegg.com

Note that not all readers are USB Mass Storage Compliant. So, I'd make sure to read operating systems supported and user reviews. I've had no problems using some of the Sandisk readers with Linux. But, I haven't bought a new reader in a while now.

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