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airplanenut Feb 14, 2003 12:08 AM

Newbie Help with MVC-CD400

I am new to digi photography, and and would like a camera for both regular outdoor/indoor use, as well as for taking pictures of coins, which means I need a strong macro to get a big, detailed picture (which I just can't do with film, especially not with the number of pictures required to get the picture right).

As I have been looking at cameras, a few have come to me, namely the Olympus Camedia C4000, and the FujiFilm FinePix 3800- maybe some others... I am leaning away from the FinePix because it has zoom, but little "SLR-like" control... the C4000 has some of that control, but less zoom.

Today, I found the MVC-CD400, which has lots of SLR features, and a nice macro and optical zoom, similar to that of the C4000. I can also get a 2x lens for it, again like the C4000.

What are your experiences with the camera? Likes and dislikes? Can it be used as a point-and-shoot, or must some functions be controlled at any given time?

Thanks for your time!


HONDADX Mar 8, 2003 4:40 AM

Jeremy . . .

This post will probably land first-in-line ahead of the other
CD400 question I answered for j lange a few minutes ago.

Anyway, as I told lange, I haven't had mine too long, but it
seems to be a very well made and thought out camera, only
slightly awkward in size (which is compensated for by the
camera's light weight).

With this rotten winter weather we've been having, I just got
out today to take my first real pictures with it. I was concerned
I was going to get pictures of the quality seen in the CD400's
viewfinder -- which, IMO, don't compare to a good 35 SLR.
It's electronic (therefore, a wee bit fuzzy). (I used to shoot an
awful lot of 35 SLR stuff, and the views were always bright and
well defined. Don't get me wrong; you have no trouble seeing
what you're taking, but it's no Nikon viewfinder, either.

Back to my tale . . . I was extremely pleased with what I saw
after hooking the CD400 to my laptop (via USB). Pictures were
extremely sharp. The Zeiss 2 lens on the CD400 is excellent.
I shot in "dummy" mode; i.e., everything was set on automatic
pilot. When you're a greenhorn, it takes the "ouch" out of

This camera does have a "macro" setting and I've seen some of
its macro results while cruising other online photo databases. I
don't think you have to sweat anything in this area with this
particular camera. It's a dandy.

Because these digicams have computers inside, they're
probably going to have a somewhat longer learning curve. You
don't just start banging away with them. I would study the
manual for at least a couple of days before venturing out with

Before I ramble on too long, let me say I think the CD400 is
a fine camera. The media it utilizes is "the best deal in town"
as far as "cheap shots" are concerned. And 4 megapixels can
yield some pretty stunning stuff, if you have the compositional
skills to take advantage of them.

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