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Lalala123 Jan 5, 2007 11:38 PM

It is winter here so when it snows everything becomes white. I got a Sony T5 but don't know how to use it to get the best results.

I am a total newbie so i always have taken pictures with flashes on day or night. Please tell me when is the best time to use flash and when not to.

What settings should i use when outside is very bright, dark, or in between.

I have pro duo sticks right now, would the picture quality be better if I use the high speed version of the pro sticks?

There are different settings for the MP in the camera. What does these MP means? Do higher MP means bigger pictures? Higher picture quality? Both? Or MP does not have anything to do with the picture quality since lens is the determine?


Bob Nichol Jan 7, 2007 10:40 AM

1. Flash - You don't need to use flash all the time, it just wastes battery power. You can leave tha flash in Auto mode so the camera will decide when to use it.
- Note your flash has a maximum range of 2.5m or 6 feet. Anything beyond that is just wasting power.
- In broad daylight you may want to try "Fill-in" mode, using the flash when the subject has their back to the light source. It fills in the shadows while balancing the flash with the ambient light.
- At night or indoors you will have to decide whether you want to capture the subjects or the mood.
- Shooting without flash in low light can result in blurry pictures unles the camera is well braced on a tripod or other solid support.
- Experiment with the flash modes provided with the camera. There is no one perfect setting, the idea is to know what works in various situations.
2. The camera should be able to handle mot lighting situations. Beach and Snow modes will compensate for those conditions.
3. Memory Sticks are digital storage media and have no effect on image quality.
4. I personally prefer shooting at the maximum megapixels (MP) and quality (Fine) possible so I can do anything with the photo later. You sacrifice image quality to gain extra shots on the stick.

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