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yashar Jun 19, 2005 5:37 PM

im going to buy my first digitl camera and did a lot of research on it,well from the reviews and spec on several cameras i found out that every camera has its own negative and positive points,but i would like to buy some thing excellent not just pay for development of technology and see some good cameras later.all in all i liked the H1's picture quality and that image stabilizer,its great-M1's new mpeg4tv codec-and size of P200 and sure many would like to have a digital camera which is a combination of these cameras and has their selling points.
NOW,when do you think that a camera with such a spec will come-years,tech periods,etc-then i and anybody else can decide wether to wait or go for one of those not complete but reasonable cameras .
Would appreciate any answers.

duke Jun 19, 2005 5:44 PM

Well good luck :? I've had the V1 , 828 , U30 and have the V3 , L1 , 717 and P200 ...wish now I would have quit with the first one V1 I had it was a very good camera.

yashar Jun 19, 2005 6:34 PM

nice point!
any other ideas

rjseeney Jun 19, 2005 6:59 PM

Technology will always come out with something better whether it is a Digital camera, computer, tv, car, mattress, or whatever. The current crop of digital cameras are very good. I wouldn't lose sleep worrying about what the next great thing will be. If you decide to wait you may never get around to buying a cam:G. Consumer level digicams will most likely always be lacking in some area when compared to higher end prosumer cams or dslrs (and even some these cameras will be lacking in some areas) You have to decide what is best for you at this current time. This is not unlike what was going on in the film camera business 15 years ago or so. Any cam you buy now should give you years of service. The most important part of a camera is who is operating it. Take a look at the various forums and you will see images made with many different cameras.

Also, you do not mention what kind of shooting you will be doing..this will have an impact on what cam you should buy. I can say that if you wait just a little longer (perhaps 2-3 months) all the cams you mention should be available at lower prices than they are currently at.

Although I've been leaning toward getting a DSLR for my next camera purchase (a Nikon D70s, as I already have nikon glass) the current crop of ultrazoom cameras will nicely cover all my shooting needs when used in conjunction with my Sony V3 and Dsc-P93, and would allow me to cover these needs much cheaper than purchasing a DSLR.

Good luck in your decision!!!:!:

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