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DavidTurnb Aug 26, 2002 4:54 PM

No drive letter when connecting DSC-P1 for second time (W2k
Has anyone got a fix for a DSC-P1 that shows up in Explorer when first connected, but will NOT show up when reconnected?
This is under Win2K, yes I do click the "Stop Sony DSC" (not that it makes a difference).
I see error messages in Device Manager the second time I connect, but the only fix seems to be to reboot.

It used to work properly (that is, I could connect / disconnect manytimes), I don't know what change has caused it.

[And I also have the indicated battery-life problem that keeps on being mentioned, anyone got a fix for that? Sony have denied the existence of a systematic problem in my communication with them.]


Dave Turnbull

DavidTurnb Jan 5, 2003 6:04 PM

I never found the cause of this problem.
I got around it by using a VMWARE guest to read the camera (overkill or what).
I found it was cured after I loaded the drivers for one of these "memory drive" products so common nowadays.
Sony were no help. ("can't be anything to do with us" type response).

Dave Turnbull

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