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joshmv Feb 18, 2004 10:39 PM

Is now a good time to get a f717? Is anything coming up?
Hey everybody, well I've done all my research and am ready to pull the trigger but I don't HAVE to have this camera immediately so I didn't know if anybody could foresee any type of a price drop coming up soon (because of new camera's etc..) I heard something about a PMA conference coming up but I don't know if it's past or not. Also does anyone know what might be coming up as far as camera's that are comparable to this one. I can get the camera for $520 from a reputable dealer, if anyone has seen it for lower let me know. thanks for all the help!


PS- I know I'll get the people that say just do it or you could wait forever but I'm not going to wait forever I'm just going to check if in the next month something might come out to make this price drop.

David Harman Feb 22, 2004 9:39 AM

Hi, yes the F717 is a great camera.

In England the price has plummeted since I started looking at the F717 in August 2003. Then it was 700+ but now it can be picked up for 460. I don't imagine it will get much lower. But it is modern technology so it will be replaced within a year, you can bet on it but then the next best thing will exist, so will you be happy with your out of date camera :D

It's down to you. I got mine for 520 and I'm not hurting. Much!

David Harman Feb 22, 2004 9:41 AM

Oops, just re read your post, urm, no don't think there is a F727 in the works just yet. Isn't the F828 at the same price as what the F717 started at?

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