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Default NP-FS11 - any more suggestions to make them work

My DSC-P1 still does good stuff, but I can only take one photo at a time (really). I have tried flattening my two NP-FS11s with a torch bulb (with the hope that the computers would reset) - that certainly proved they weren't flat when the camera says they are (they ran a 250mA bulb for several hours). And on recharge and first use they seemed to do better, but now they are back to "permanently flat" (I just have time to take one photo before the camer shuts down). BUT if I plug it into the PC it lasts much longer (a real amount of time). I've also tried flattening the batteries by repeated power-cycling, that doesn't seem to help, although when the batteries were newer I think it did.

My batteries (rather than the computer) do work (as proved by bulb and PC Mode).
The "useful life per charge" has been dropping, to the point that it is now essentially zero.
The tricks that used to seem to get them to work a bit no longer seem to be effective.
Sony (at the last time of asking) deny there is any known problem (despite pointing out the endless comments about the same problem).
I see (on Amazon for instance) that others have these problems.

My only conclusion is that this is a deliberate design issue; perfectly good batteries have been programmed to "age" prematurely to force us to buy more expensive batteries.
I had expected to upgrade to a P9, but that is no longer likely.
Is there a "dissatisfied sony battery user group" anyone knows of that I can join?

Dave Turnbull, Oxford, UK

PS: And just last week I found that two screws were missing from the case. And there are the endless emails trying to sell me this that and the other accessory, but no actual "service". I really am getting disenchanted with Sony.

PPS: There used to be more messages about these problems on this forum, I thought? Do old messages get archived to somewhere?
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