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I have an F717 and a P92(which I keep with me all the time for quick photo situations). The P92is simple to carry but has some weaknesses, so I have been looking for a small camera with a better lens. I had a chance to compare the T-33, P200, and W5 yesterday in a Compusa store, and here are my conclusions: (NOTE: I am assuming the W5 and the W7 are going to behave identically except for the resolution, but I only saw the W5, so that is what I have written about.)

The T33 has that great microscope setting, but at full size, the images had a lot of fuzziness in the background. The images were significantly poorer than those of either the p200 or the W5 (or my P92 for that matter!)

The P200 has many things that are very nice...it is SMALL, lens is good, clarity very good. However, it seemed to have more barrel distortion at its closest macro range than the W5. This is not an issue if you are taking very few extreme close ups, but for me, it makes a difference. It also has a smaller LCD, and it takes proprietary batteries.

The W5 was larger, so that may be an issue...if size is very important, the P200 is the best choice. However, the W5 weighs the same as the P92 I have already, so it would be an even trade on that scale. The W5 seems to have an easier time with macro photos, and that big LCD on the back is just wonderful (esp if you are over 40 and are trying not to join the bifocal crowd :-)). Also, I have several sets of rechargeable AA's, and it would be nice to have a use for them...not to mention not having to spend for a second battery pack.

After handling and taking pics with all three cameras, the one I walked away wanting was the W7. It seemed to do a better job overall, and was still small enough to meet my portablility requirements. However, as I said earlier, if size matters, you would do just fine with the P200.

Hope this helps!
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