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Hi everyone,

I have a very big problem with my camera. Please help if u can, thxs!

Okay, i have a Cyber-Shot Sony camera. I just came back from a concert and i took .mpeg movie/video footages of people i saw. Anyway, a friend borrowed my camera and i guess messed up the resolution, without me knowing at the time and she didn't know either...i found this out when i just got home. >.>

So anyway, the regular size for shooting video footage is 640...but, it reduced all my video footages to 160!! *AHHHH..if feeling so horrible at the moment.* This sucks...can i can't see one stinkin thing!

My question is, is there anyway i can get the video clips back to 640?? Or at least a bigger size then 160? It's so tiny...please please help. Thank you soo much in adavanced! Ttyl.

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Hi CamGurl,

Sorry to say but when your working with digital images and video, it's always harder and maybe impossible to go from a low res shot to a higher res shot. It's a lot easier to go from a high res down to a low res but going in reverse is pretty much impossible.

It's due to the fact that in a low res, you don't have all the pixels as if you were to take it in a higher res version.

If you were to bring it up in size, your going to experience a quality degredation and what every your working with will look even worse.


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Hi Camgurl,

I tried to resize 640 movies to 160 in my P93 and it not possible. I don't know if it is possible in your camera because you haven't mentioned the model.

Another info: When i resize the pictures in the camera it does not overwrite the original picture. It creates a new file. So you have to delete the original one if you want to get rid of. If your model resizes movies i recommend you to alse check if it overwrites when resizing.

But anyway if you only have the small size movies now it is impossible to resize it to 640 with real 640 quality.

Another way may be to do a little research about "data recovering". The hard disks that we use have a "file allocation table" (called FAT) and when you delete a file, it is not physically deleted in fact. Only it's name is deleted from the FAT that can also be thought as an index. In this case there are some methods that can read the files directly from physical location without looking at the fat and the files can be recovered even if the disk is formatted (in case no new info is written over the sectors of the file).

The memory media that we use in cameras also have the sameprinciples with the disks. They also have the FAT. So maybe data recovery methods can be helpful for you. There are some freeware programs that do a little bit work about this issue. Just do some search on the internet with the keywords "data recovery" or something like that.
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