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Hi all,

please help me I have a brand new DSC-V1 but am very fustrated with it, the battery life is woeful(Can get around this with extra batteries) and with little scene modes it maybe a little too good for my novice skills..:blah: Positives are excellent build and pics but i find it hard to use and thus learn with :shock:

Anyways 2 questions, anything in a mid to strongred colour is VERY over exposed even turning down the options in the camera does nothing. Its bright on the LCD during review and unnaturally bright in pics can I do anything with this or do I have to alter every pic I take with red in it?

This is terrible if this is the case

Secondly I have tried the exposure bracketing featureI have 3 pics as normal but the first two have a 0.0 value and the last one have aplus value. WHY i thought the whole point was a under exposed 0.0 and plus /over explosed set of images or am i being stupid :?I have tried this several times in different lights conditions it always the same

My camera has all languages available so I assume its on the latest firmware version ?????

Someone please help !!!!!! I want to love my DSC-1 but it will have to go if i can't use it



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I have DSC-V1 also. I bought it about maybe 2 years ago?
Like yours, I think mine has the same problems ... consuming too much power (I had to buy 2 extra batteries) and the color isn't that "pretty". I have to do the PP.
I did think to sell it, really

Now I just use it for IR. Quite nice. Since I bought the IR filter and some NDs, I changed my mind. I won't sell it :lol:
IMHO, better you try to use it as an IR camera than to let it go :-)

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