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p100user Aug 9, 2005 6:27 PM

Hey everyone, I have had a P100 for about a year now, yesterday it accidentally got wet. On battery power, it the lense comes in and goes out stranglely, and the display just flashes on and then off. On a/c power, it would at first work fine but not be able to turn off, after a while, it started working working perfectly on a/c power but it still acts strange on battery power. Does anyone think it could be a battery problem, or water still in the camera, or a permanent short?


rjseeney Aug 10, 2005 6:57 AM

you could still have some moisture in the camera causing problems with battery power. Let it sit and dry out for a few may come back to normal. If after a week or so, its still not working, then your cam is probably toast.

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