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nenemc Nov 30, 2004 10:31 PM

I am considering purchasing a p100/p150 because my Kodak dx6440 has quite slow starup and recycle times and the sony's appear to be quite good in that regard. We take alot of pictures of our infant(who is quite active and want a camera that can keep up with him). He also has large pupils with blue eyes and always has redeye. We don't use redeye reduction very often just because it takes even longer than the regular flash. The nikon 5200 has built in redeye elimination, but maybe not quite as quick as the 5mp sony, any thoughts?

How is the p100 for redeye with/without redeye reduction?

Also anyone have the cybershot station/charger? My wife likes the simplicity of the kodak dock to transfer and email pics, how is the sony dock?

How is the p100 to transfer and email without the dock, is it simple?



CyberShotNut Dec 1, 2004 10:54 PM

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I think the P100/P150 is one of the better compact point and shoot cameras for red-eye. I take alot of pictures indoors at clubs and parties with red-eye reduction off and high flash power and I very rarely see red-eye. I have the Sony dock for the P100/P150 but it's just as easy to plug the USB cable into the bottom of the camera to transfer pic's to your computer. The dock comes in handy when you hook the cam up to a TV to view pic's because you can use the wireless remote to scroll through pictures and zoom in and out on the TV screen.

nenemc Dec 2, 2004 7:13 AM

Thanks for the info, can you tell me how me how easy the process isbetween hooking up the camera to actually emailing pictures? IS there alot of steps? My wife is used to the kodak easyshare software and probably will not like if it involves alot of steps she's not used to. On the kodak you put the camera in the dock press the transfer button, select the thumbnail pics youwant to use and the press the email button and you are ready to write your caption. Is the sony fairly simple like this?


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