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scapra Jun 7, 2004 12:40 AM

I am trying to decide between the DCS P100 and the W1, fromreading reviews and stydying themanuals from Sony,I see that that they are similar in most respects except that the P100 has more scene modes, one of which I think is significant- the fast shutter mode, whichattemps tofreeze fast moving objects without the need to fiddle with manual settings (which both cameras have). Other pros/cons as I see them are:

P100- smaller, lighter (183gr Vs 250gr fully loaded), more pocketable. has a lithium battery which has a longer shelf life between charges than Ni-MH. Higher resolution LCD 134,200 dots Vs 123,200 for the W1, the option of a docking station which I found very handy with my last digicam, Flash is better positioned andfurther from the lens thus better red-eye reduction capabilities. About $AU30 cheaper than W1 in Australia.

W1- Larger LCD screen (although lower resolution),uses far cheaper and easily obtainable AA batteries, although the P100's lithium replacemnent battery prices will no doubt drop once 3rd party manufacturers begin to make them.

I havn't seen any direct image quality comparisons between the two although Steve says they both produce excellent results in all areas. Shame Sony didn't add Shutter priority modes to both. As I see it the P100 has a little more on its side than the W1, can anyone see anything I've missed or comment on image quality for either/or ?

Cybershot455 Jun 7, 2004 4:36 AM

I nearly waited for the W1 to come out when upgrading recenly so investigated these cameras in great detail.

You seem to have the differences well sorted. If you want to go for the W1 be very sure you are happy with the rather crude manual mode, which would be required if trying for high shutter speeds in action shots.

Personally I prefer to simply click the dial to Fast Shutter scene mode and leave the camera to do the rest. I was very puzzled that Sony chose to leave the Fast Shutter off the W1.

In the end I bought a P12 outfit which is like anold 2003model P100 .


scapra Jun 9, 2004 9:14 AM

After examining steves test shots from both cameras, I found the W1's results more appealing to me, most shots with the W1 appeared sharper with a cleaner focus particularly things like grass and leaves, the only exception was perhapsthe macro shot. The overall immage quality/clarity rates highly with me so I guess I'm with the W1 for now.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I have also been looking at the Fujifilm F610, it seems to have good reviews thus far and has 640x480 30fps movie (but no 16fps like sony), shutter/aperature priority modes as well as fast shutter mode, longer flash range (4.2 meters) and other goodies althogh it uses those xD mem cards that are even more expensive than memory stick pro's ...... worth another look since the W1/P100's are suffering supply problems here in Australia still.

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