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Thanks for the info, it is comforting.

I did shake it pretty hard (hey that what shake mean?). I was worried a bit then quickly had a few pfoto test and confirm it still works fine.

What case do you use? I use Lowepro Res-40 (CAD16), a bit too big I think. I lost the receipt. I hope I can return it this weekend and get the sony LCS-PHE (CAD80)

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Hello guys i am looking around to buy a digicam. I am interested in Sony and i would like to ask you how you rate your P200. an other thing i wanted to ask is how did you choose between the P150 and P200 since they are so similar.:?

PLs reply.
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Old Mar 2, 2005, 8:26 PM   #13
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large LCD screen...

manual WB balance ( used it first time 2 days back and looks fine)

P200 was 50$ cheaper than P150 becoz of a deal
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I have to say that the P200 is basically a refined and improved P150 where the improvements are noticeable to those who have both. Both P150 and P200 have a solid feel to them and some people like the aesthetic look of the P150's brushed metal strip on the front of the camera better. I like the fact that there is a groove for the index finger on the P200 which sets it apart and shows that the Sony team hired to make the improvements really started from the ground up on the design. I wonder if any parts other than the lens were actually used in the construction of the P200? Ultimately the more advanced processor and the manual white balance as well as spot focus makes the P200 easier to adjust manually. The flash apparently wasn't improved and is still underpowered, however I suggest getting a wireless slave flash for it. Also like the above poster has said, when I purchased the P200 I got it for $340 dollars which was much cheaper than even the P150. This at first made me think that this model must be made with cheaper material or missing key features as the Konica Minolta A200 was compared to its predecessor the A2. This as we now know is not the case. As for now, I am happy with the purchase and am waiting for Steve and or dpreview to finally shed some light on the improvements which every website seems to be getting them wrong one way or another.
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