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lllll May 1, 2007 9:40 AM

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Hi all!

I have a problem with my Sony P200 that I haven't noticed before, although I barely used it before…

Photos taken have a few dark spots on them – these are constant at their place and are much sharper and noticeable when using the 3x zoom than when shooting wide angles, although still smeared. At a wide angle the spots are mostly only noticeable against a uniform background.

I guessed it must be something on the lens, although I couldn't see anything wrong with it, so I tried cleaning it with a glasses' lint and then again more thoroughly, but it didn't help.

I searched here and found someone mentioning a dust issue with this camera, but I'm not sure how to try and get it out without making things worse.

Unfortunately, I'm outside the country and Sony would only suggest taking it to their shop, which it out of the question right now, and in any case it would not be covered by warranty.

I have attached a cropped piece of a photo taken at full telephoto.

What are the chances that dust is the issue? Should I try blowing air into it? Could anyone suggest how and where?

Thanks in advance for any of your thoughts or suggestions!

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