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I have a P200 and love it. But I'm confused on what image size to select.

I started out using the default (7M, 3072 x 2034). Then I ran into problems when I uploaded them online for printing. The prints turned out cropped and sometimes not where I would have wanted. Irealize I could use software to select how I want it cropped and that would be fine for a few prints, but not hundreds like I'd take on a vacation.

So, I started using the 3:2 (3072 x 2048 option. Those print at 4x6 photo size nicely, however the histogram doesn't work with that option. (I thought my camera wasn't working right, but I checked the manual and itsays in tiny print that the histogram isn't availablewith 3:2 image size. I don't understand why not.) I'm trying to learn more and the real-time histogram was a big plus for the P200 for me. I've found the histogram very helpful in analyzing the exposure.

We have a bigfamily event this weekend where I'll be takinga couple hundred indoor and outdoor shots. I'd really like to use the histogram, but I won't have time to crop them all manually.

What image size do the rest of you use?I'd appreciate any ideas or advice.Thanks!
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well, i use 1M with my P93 most of the time, and only when i'm shooting something "special", 5M gets enabled
i think that the lack of the histogram with the 3:2 option (i've got the same with my P93) is because there's some digital processing done on the image (cropping), and somehow the histogram can't be displayed - just as it can't be when you're using smart zoom - there's also digital processing, and you can't see the histogram
i don't know why, but i think i've got the proper reason
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When you really need the histogram, i just suggest you to select quickly the 7M mode to adjust the exposure, and then you come back to the 3/2 mode before shoting.
Except the case the upper or the bottom edges are in very different exposure (too dark or too bright), the exposure will be the same in 7M and 3/2 mode
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