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[email protected] Jul 1, 2002 8:43 AM

P71 and Alkaline Batteries
My DSC-P71 manual states that it cannot use AA alkaline batteries but the P31 and P51 can. Does anyone know why this is and would it actually do any harm to use alkalines in a dead battery situation ?



Rusty Jul 24, 2002 2:26 PM

A friend of mine bought the P71 last week and brought it to work straight from the shop. As he could obviously not use the included rechargeables (13hr charge time) we put some AA Alkalines in it from the stores at work, the manual iirc only recommends to not use them, it doesn't preclude you from using them.

The camera worked fine with the alkalines in, but all i would say is, don't expect them to last much longer than 10 minutes!!!!.

They say AA capable cameras are handy cos you can use alkalines in an emergency..........with 10mins life it'd have to be a REAL emergency to wanna be bothered with them :), glad i bought my P9 now with infolithium, it lasted me a full days pics on a daytrip to Blackpool last week, with over 20mins life to spare :)



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