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I got my P93 soon. I want to mention about my opinions for the ones who are interested with this camrea. Since the existingreviews tell enough about the good features of this cam i will mostly emphasize the negative points:

It is a nice camera with a nice design. The picture it takes are very sharp and well saturated. However sometimes i don't like its performance indoors. I also don't like the flash very much because it drops some shadow behind the objects. Instead i mostly prefer the slow syncro flash which produces better colors.

To me the camera is fast enough. The burst mode also helps taking pics fastly. But the multi burst mode is very poor. It takes 30 frames per second at most. But the poor thing is all these 30 frames are composing one picture that is only 1 Mega pixel. I thought that each frame would be 1 megapixel before buying this cam. This issue may be important for someone who look for a sports mode in the cam because P93 does not have the sports mode. You have to manually set the aperture speed for taking good pictures of moving objects.

Another important issue is about holding the cam. It is hard to hold this cam steady because it is small for hands and does not have the wonderful parts that the old P72, P92 had. I am really missing the shape and the weight of P72 when holding this cam.

One more thing i dont like is the ring around the lens. It looks very nice shining but this is not metal, it is only plastic. It is not so much stableand it is very easy to remove this part even by mistake especialley when putting/receiving the cam into your pocket.

It takes really good movies and i'm in love with the quality of 30 fps. But of course it produces big files for best quality.

It's standart memory stick of 32 megabytes is really not enough for 5 megapixel pics. Taking 3 megapixel will also satisfy most people but i bought an 256 megabyte extra stick and i am very pleased with it now (it's make is sandisk and it is a nice product which does really nothing less than the sony sticks).

The camera has a nice led showing the access to memory stick. It isvery useful for knowing when notto turn the camrea off.I haven't seen any review mentioning about this before.

Another issue is the speaker sound of the cam. When playing movies with sound the camreas speaker produces the sound so low that it is nearly impossible to hear. Again compared with P72 the sound is really low. I don't know whether this is a problem of my camera or it is general. The comments of other P93 owner are greatly appreicated about this sound issue.

One more thing is the camera is not performing so good in macro mode. Sometimes the objects are out of focus in macro mode. I don't know if this is becuse of me or the camera yet but i think thisworths mentioning.

I hope my experience helps somebody thinking of buying this cam..
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So far I am loving my P93. I haven't tried the movie feature yet but my 256MB memory stick pro will be here wednesday so I will have to try that feature out. I haven't really found anything I don't like about the camera but then again it is my first digital camera. I think the photos are fabulous. Here are a few photos from my trip to the Oklahoma City National Memorial.

Hope you enjoyed the few pictures. I am really enjoying taking pictures and will get more once I get the bigger memory card. I am new to this whole photography thing so the pictures may not be as good as they could. They were takin in auto without a tripod.

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