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tanaltan Feb 11, 2005 7:19 PM


I ve been using my p93 nearly forone year and i was quite pleased with it until i compared to a p72 this weekend.

I took the same scenes at the same time with both P93 and P72 using the "auto" mode and with all default settings. I took many pictures outside, inside, with and without flash. When i compare all these shots,surprisingly Irealize that there is great difference between the colors of the images. The images of P72 are much more saturated than P93's and all the colors look more natural. Especially the portrait shots of P72 are very nice whereas i obtain very "pale" skin tones with P93.

I know that their CCD sizes are quite different so the sharpness of P93 is superior to P72 but color tones and saturation are as important as sharpness in my opinion. I tried to fix the P93's images in photoshop but they don't look so natural after modification.

Did anybody do that kind of a comparison between these two cams before? Do you think this may be caused by a defect in one or both of the cams? Or was this sony's conscious approach to decrease saturation in new firmwares?

I see that the forum is very busy with the new cameras announced by sony but i hope i find somebody interested in the issue:)

CyberShotNut Feb 11, 2005 8:36 PM

All of the older Sony cameras had more saturated colors. I like the saturation to be slightly on the warmer side, but alot of people said the colors were too fake looking so Sony toned down the saturation in all of the newer models.

tanaltan Feb 12, 2005 5:18 AM

Thank you very muchCyberShotNut.

I also like the warmer tones and I think i am going to buy an old cameraonly for that reason. P72 is 3 mp and 1/2.5'' CCDcan not satisfy mebut i think i can buy one of P10, P92 orV1. Have you ever used one of these before? Do all these three cameras also produce warm tones like P72?

I was just saving for a V3 or Casio EX P-700 but i will probably use that saving for an old camera now:(

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