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Hi all!

I will buy a camera and i can't decide between the P93 and W1.

Their specifications seem to be similar except the lcd size, zeiss lens and body size. When i think of these, w1 seems superior but i was really confused when i checked Steve's reviews' sample pics.:?

The W1's pictures look like having a problem with darkness. The sharpness seem same for both but p93's pics look beter in colors.

Especially these two pictures look very different:
P93: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_...s/dsc00273.jpg

W1: http://www.steves-digicams.com/2004_...s/dsc01305.jpg

There may be four reasons to this difference:
1) The lenses are different and they produce different colors (if so p93 looks better)
2) The pictures were taken in different lightning conditions
3) The pictures were taken in different camera settings
4) One of the cameras had a problem

Which one do you think is the reason?
Have you ever tested these two cameras?

I would buy the w1 but i am so much confused because the reason 1 may be true.. Do you think this is possible?

Thank you very much!
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Old Jun 28, 2004, 12:57 PM   #2
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I downloaded both those pictures to learn a littlein Photoshop. Hystogram of p93 looks a bit smoother, but totally scene is profusely yellowish. I think, it's due to Sony lens, not Carl Zeiss like in W1. Maybe P93's flashis of somedifferent spectrum.

As for me, the shot produced by W1 has more clear colors though rather cold. BTW, on P93 shot you can see bad shadows behind objects produced by the flash. It is because of location of the flash lamp at the camera body. W1 has it's flash just above lens, therefore there're no irritating rude shadows...

If you'd use Autocolor in Photoshop CS, both pictures will look almost identically.

[suB]Good luck in your true choice![/suB]
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I am a W1 owner,and was also wondering what's the difference between the two. From the reviews I read (haven't got a chance to play with a real P93), it appears that, in addition to the oneslisted in the original message,P93 has the following two shortcomings when comparedwith W1:

1. The start-up time and the response time of P93 are longer than those of W1

2. The batteries and the memory stick share the sameaccess door on P93. I heard that with this design, each time you change the memory stick, you are basically resetting the camera. I don't know howmuch inconvenience this willcause, though.

I hope that W1 is worth spending the extra $100 for.

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