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ria May 13, 2003 3:27 PM

photo printer for Mavicas or other Floppy Disks
Recently decided to go the wave of stand alone type photo printers & get one for my Sony Mavica FD-75 camera. However, all the new printers seem to only accept smart card or memory stick type of technologies and I have floppy storage.

Not quite ready to upgrade cameras at this point because camera is serving my original purpose of "point & click" with easy, cheap storage & email options, etc. However, it would be nice to have a printer available for quick photos without having to use a computer all the time.

I was really surprised that something so "basic" of a concept - at least to little ol' non-techie me - doesn't seem to exist.

Any suggestions of brand, models, etc that do exist? Or other options to print? What do other Mavica FD owners do?

Mhardy May 28, 2003 9:21 PM

How about buying a photo printer and hooking it up to your pc? I own a Sony DPP-EX5 photo printer. It can accept memory sticks, but it also has a USB port to hook it up to a computer. The photo quality has been excellent, producing up to a 4x6 print that is as good and durable as from the photomat! That would be a possible solution. And if you want larger prints, Olympus makes a P-400 photo printer (although I haven't tried it) also with connections to hook up to a computer. Although, I believe your camera is in the less than 2 megapixel range, so the larger prints might not look as pleasing. Just an idea or two, hope they helped.

ria May 30, 2003 8:23 AM

Thanks for the info, but i was looking for something where i didn't need to connect to a PC....since the new standalone printers are now available at a reasonable cost, I really liked the concept. I'll keep looking...i guess...

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