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I have got a v1.. and I have some problems that I couldnt reach the photo quality I want.. there are modes p,m,s.. as you know. I dont know when I must use the right one. I generally got a bad quality photo when I was taking a family photo WITHOUT flash.. altough if I use flash the quality becomes better.another point is if I take a nature photo I sometimes took a blur photo.. I think because of my handshake.. which mode I should use.. thanks..
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well p mode is your program mode. this is similar to the auto mode but i gives you the ability to adjust stuff like exposure compesation (make image brighter or darker), saturation contorller (more or les colour), contrast control ("" contrats) and sharness. This is usually the easiest mode to use (other than auto ofcourse) to take decent images.

Your M mode is a manual mode. This mode allows the user to adjust both the app setting (f stop - size of the opening in the front) and the shutter speed (Speed cam captures light). Using this mode is trckiy and requires a lot of practice and time. Ofcourse for fst stuff high shutter speed is sneeded but at the same time a shorter shutter speed often results in a darker pic. Too slow a shutter speed often results in blurry bright images as you cant hold cam absoultuely still for the time. Your f-stop controls the size of the opening. Now a high f stop (eg f2.8) will allow maximum light into the cam giving the brightwest possible image and it will also give you a very shallow depth of field (Ths is the range of which components of an image are in focus or sharp) a f-stop of f9 will give a massive dept of field often making all items appear in focus. and so on and so on. but as mentioned earlier f9 means smaller opening which means less light. Now in m mode you have to balance shutter speed and f stop to make the images have the correct exposure (lit correctly) So ust juggle the two

Now im assuming S mode is shutter priority mode. This means the cam gives the user the ability to adjust the shutter speed and the cam will automatically choose a app (f-stop) to suit the situation. this mode is generally sued for sport when you want the cam to only use very fast shutters to capture the action. The cam will not adjust shutter, but it will change fstop to correctly expose the image

If photo qulaity is bad u mite want to first ensure your cam is runing at its max resolution. Hit res key and set to highest E.g. 5mp

And then for the qulaity go to option and set to FINE.

In reference to inside shots with no light probly P mode with white balances set to TUNGSTEN will give you the best result. P mode will set everything for you and you can adjust the white balnce to tungsten. The reason for this is bcse generally inside light appers very yellowish. THis white balance setting will neutralise this by filtering a blue layer. tHE IMage should appear more true. Now due to indoors you may find the shutter speed is vey slow so using a tripod wil make all the difference.

The other thing you can try with indoors shots is if u hit menu and go to the iso icon you can increase this value. The higher the iso level is the faster the shutter can move to gain the equivalne texposure. A high iso (like 400) would increase ur shutter speed hopefully enough to eliminate blurr. But the catch and yip there is always a catch is that the images generally appear much more noisy. Noise is a grainy texture that appears over the image. Now noise varies from cam to cam and from phto situation to situation. Again you have to be the judge

If you have to hold the cam then i think flahs is the only way around it. If u do whant to use flash i would recomend changing the white balance to FLASH as this will add a yeloowy ting to cancel the white light of the flash again to mak the image look more true.

In refernce to your nature shots if they are taken during the day in brightsunlight thn your images are out of focus. Make sure the cam is not in manual focus mode (i dont no if ur cam has this option) and ain the cam at the subject and do a HALF presson the shutter giving the cam tie to focus. You mitght also want to check to make sure you have enabled auto focus. If u hit menu and move along the icons until you hit focus or AF. you should be able to select AF, centre focus, spot focus, 1m, 3m infinity etc. Select AF or centre and this will make the cam focus automatically.

If ur focus is ok and its blurry bcse of low shutter then again you will need tripod or u will need to increase the iso setting.

All up i thnk the P modes and usually auto mode do the best for first tme users


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