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Default printing with the DSC V1


I wish to say that I made a mistake and have removed the previous post.
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The DPI rating of a photo is arbitrary. What matters is the pixel resolution. The DPI translates to how closely spaced the pixels are when the image is printed, and thus, how large the image will be. Lower DPI means a bigger but less detailed image. You can change the DPI without actually resizing the image. Your 5-megapixel camera's pictures can be printed at 11x14 size at almost 200 DPI (2594 / 14 = 185), which is pretty good. If you print them at 72 DPI, they'll be huge but probably look pixellated.
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perhaps I'm missing something, let me expand on what I have done:

how can I get the ppi to be 200 with out changing it in photoshop?

if I take a picture and d/l to my computer, when I check the format of the picture it is set at 72ppi (already).

the original size of the photo is large and I do have to scale it down but I still find that the resolution is not acceptable (still 72ppi). I can change the ppi in photoshop but it doesn't bring the quality of the photo to where I want it.

check this link:


it has pictures from the G5, V1, and the 5400, if you check the default dpi for the picture with the G5 its 180, but the default dpi for the V1 is 72.

Thanks for the reply, and I should probably have asked for help before ranting....
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on a different thread I learned what I was doing wrong.

The text marked in brown shows what I needed to do to get quality prints.


Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2003 9:21 am Post subject:


The DPI is only important when printing, as noted above.

If you open the "Image Size" dialog, you should note that while the DPI setting is only 72, the "print size" is humongous. That's a five MP camera, I think, so it should be 35" or so on a side. (I occasionally have to beat users about the head and shoulders when they don't check DPI and print out twenty or so pages each containing a hugely enlarged section of a picture.)

The easy fix is to define a Photoshop action (which you can then batch on a whole folder) that changes the DPI to 300 or whatever it is that you want it set to. It is CRITICAL that you turn OFF the "Resample Image" checkbox when you record the action. Otherwise it will try to interpolate to preserve the print size and you will end up with a 300DPI image which is 35" across. This will give you a gazillobyte image and probably freeze up your computer. Then just run the action: what you should end up with is a file *exactly* the same numerical size (no change in resolution) but which prints the proper physical area.
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