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Default Problems with burst settings ???

Hi I am somewhat puzzled as the other day I bought 2 Sony cameras to see which one would be a good all around pocket camera, they were the Sony H55 & the Sony HX5.

Going by the stats on the internet both of the cameras were said to do 10 fps but the H55 sounds like about 3 fps .

Can someone please explain this to & if there is a certain section in the cameras settings that will let the H55 do a faster burst rate.

Here is one of the comparison websites that I looked at.

Thank you Craig
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WHYYYYY do you not read Sony's page and believe third/forth source?

H55 ... 1.84 pictures/sec
HX5 ... 10 pictures/sec

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I'm seeing that quoted on more than one site (10fps for the H55). But, they're mentioning 10fps at 10MP versus 14MP.

My guess is that it's either confusion on the part of the sites posting it, or there was a typo in a press package at some point (more likely as I'm seeing that on more than one site), as Sony is showing 1.84fps at 14MP for it (for 4 frames) on it's web sites now.

You may want to try it at a lower resolution setting and see what you get. But, the specs I see for burst mode from Sony are showing 1.84fps for 4 frames at full resolution. See the specs here for one example:


Here's a vendor listing showing 10fps at 10.2MP. See the scene modes section which says this:

"The DSC-H55 can capture full 10.2 megapixel resolution images at up to 10 frames per second, helping to ensure that you capture the decisive moment such as the soccer ball flying into the goal."


It also goes on to say this (mentioning the TX7, which is not even the right camera model):

"In addition, the DSC-TX7 employs a mechanical shutter that helps reduce distortion when continuously shooting moving subjects"

So, someone probably used a different camera model's features and specs as a template at some point, and didn't do a very good job of editing it. That happens from time to time when manufacturers send out specs on new models (mistakes are not uncommon).

You may want to try using it in 10.2MP Mode just to see if that allows a faster frame rate. But, I suspect you're just seeing errors in the features and specifications sent to some review sites and vendors when it was first announced.
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